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[Solved] Facebook account temporarily locked-Identity not confirmed 2017

Facebook account temporarily locked-Fully solved



Is your Facebook account is temporarily locked?. Don't  worry we will help you to overcome from this issue.Yesterday when I login in Facebook through my android, it shows "you need to verify your identity to login". And then they tell me to verify my identity in any of given 3 ways.First one is to verify your friend's photo and the second one is to choose the comment which you commented recently and the next one is to know the recent messages send by you.Unfortunately, I failed in all that but later I verified it.Now I will tell you how to easily verify your identity and what to do if you fail to verify it.
identity not confirmed

Guide to verify your identity

  • If you are using Facebook app please don't use it for verification.I prefer you to use any browser from your mobile.
  • If you want to verify through PC then I recommend you to use SAFARI.
  • Don't waste your chance by making mistakes in verifying because only one chance per method is given. 
  • Before verifying ask your close friend to be with you because it will be very useful.
  • First use find friend's photo if You fail then only moved to another method of verifying
  • If you choose find friends photos it will show you 3 photos of a same friend and below there are 5 to 8 names are given you need to find whose photos is these.Chances are there you may don't know them so ask your friend to type the names give in options one by one and check whose photo is these.Likewise you have to find 5 friend's photo. 

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Guide to solve identity not confirmed

facebook identity not confirmed solved
  • If you fail to solve all the three verifying methods it will shows hourly limit exceeded and when you try to login again it displays as Identity not confirmed-We currently can't verify your identity.Please try again later.
  • The same is happened to me.Many told me to contact Facebook and submit your ID proof.This is wrong this is not the way to verify your account.Before submitting your ID proof please wait for 24 hours,I'm saying this because they gave me another chance in 24 hours to verify through Identifying friend's photos etc..So you should at-least wait 24 hours.For some peoples it took 2 days to 5 days to give another chance of verifying. 
  • If it doesn't work try clearing your caches and history sometimes it will be helpful.

How to contact Facebook to verify your account

facebook acount locked solved
  • If all the above methods fails don't worry there is last method to rescue your account.It is by contacting Facebook and submitting some ID proofs.
  • I am once again telling you please wait at-least one week before using this step.
  • You should submit your ID proof to Facebook.ID proofs like passport,aadhar card,or any other national identity which has your name and D.O.B in it.School ID card also acceptable in some cases.
  • CLICK HERE to submit your ID to Facebook.

Measures to be taken to avoid such problems in future

  • Please read these Facebook policies carefully Facebook Policies.
  • Unfriend the people who you don't know because it will be helpful for you if you once again struck on verification.
  • Add your close friend as trusted contacts.Read this How to add trusted contacts.
  • Don't use too many devices.
  • Don't use proxy servers.
  • Read this Tips to secure your Facebook account.

Comment your problem or if you find a new solution.Feel free to comment us.

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  1. Replies
    1. hello ritu,I can't understand your problem.Please tell your problem clearly

    2. i have got this same prob too..i already waiting 24 hour but nothing happen..what can i do now..i trying to contact fb but no feedback..i`m stuck me

  2. They cant give me to confirm

  3. They sad we cant verify your account try again

    1. wait for 48 hours.sometimes they take up to 3 days to give another chance.Wait for at-least 4 days if they didn't give another chance submit your ID at this link

  4. And what if ID verification takes longer than 4 days? What does that mean ?

  5. if ID verification takes longer than 4 days you have submit your ID proof like voter ID, or Citizenship card(here in india we call it as AADHAR CARD)etc.

  6. I keep getting this Notice bro

    Identity not confirmed
    We currently can't verify your identity. Please try again later.

    Even tho i haven't tried even once to verify

  7. Sir my account was not disable
    My account was blocked
    They not confimed identity
    I trying again and again but identity was not confirmed

  8. Sir my account was not disable
    My account was blocked
    They not confirmed identity
    I trying again and again but identity was not confirmed

  9. Sir my account was not disable
    My account was blocked
    They not confirmed identity
    I trying again and again but identity was not confirmed

  10. I keep getting the same but they never gave me a chance to confirm my identity. Just said I started it on Jan 18 that's it. It's just sitting idle. Please help